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Five Ways to Facilitate Global and Intercultural Learning for All U Students

As the world becomes increasingly complex, universities are seeking to help students better understand the interconnection of global political, economic, social, and health systems. While not every student may have the chance to experience these complexities first-hand, as educators we can craft our curriculum and classroom experiences in ways that encourage an appreciation of cultural nuance and global perspective. Here are five ways you can help facilitate global and intercultural learning for your students:

Start where you are

Establish your classroom as an inclusive space.

Make it clear that your classroom is a safe space for diverse perspectives and earnest, respectful discourse. Be on the lookout for ways that you can encourage peer-to-peer interaction. Seek opportunities to broaden the content of your lectures to include examples and citations from around the world. Pose questions that invite students to investigate their assumptions and develop answers from multiple perspectives.

Find community

Join the Faculty Learning Community on Global Learning.

This supportive community is open to faculty and staff interested in presentations, discussions, and information sharing regarding global and intercultural learning. The group meets once a month during the academic year and lunch is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. All meetings are held in the Marriott Library, Faculty Center Meeting Space. Check out the calendar here and come join us!

Get funding

Apply for a Global Learning Across the Disciplines (GLAD) Grant.

The Office for Global Engagement awards grants of up to $10,000 for faculty teams to engage in curriculum revision, define global learning outcomes, and tweak your syllabi to design activities and assignments that meet these outcomes. Learn more.

Broaden your network

Join other state educators at the Forum on Global Learning in Utah Higher Education.

This one-day Forum on March 20 is open to faculty, staff, and administrators at all Utah higher education institutions who are interested in curriculum and program revision to integrate learning outcomes and assessment focused on global and intercultural competency.  You may participate in the entire day or select activities as your schedule allows.  Learn more here and be sure to register by February 14 (Edited: Deadline extended to March 5.)

Go deeper

Participate in the annual University of Utah Global Learning Retreat.

The Office for Global Engagement coordinates an annual faculty/staff retreat in early fall for U faculty and staff at the U’s beautiful Taft Nicholson Center in Centennial Valley, Montana. Conversation focuses on building global learning into curricular, academic, and student life programs. Participants can meet others at the U who are interested in global learning while enjoying the Red Rocks Wildlife Refuge, outdoor activities, and the peaceful setting of the Centennial Valley. Two sessions will be offered in 2020 and will include faculty and administrators from all Utah higher education institutions:

  • Session 1: September 3 – 6
  • Session 2: September 10 – 13

Watch our website, or email for more information.