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Global Leap

This two-semester program is geared to students who want to
have an early international experience in their education.

The first semester addresses global issues from The U’s homebase in Salt Lake City, Utah; the second semester is spent abroad at the
University of Utah Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Please see FAQ


Students enrolled in Global LEAP will spend the Fall semester of their freshman year at Salt Lake City campus. They work closely with faculty and peer advisors within a small cohort of fellow freshmen. The intimacy of the program enables new students to transition more confidently to college and to play an active role in their own education.
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Global LEAP students spend the Spring semester of their freshman year taking classes at the U Asia Campus in Songdo, South Korea. Students enjoy small class sizes, participate in social and service activities with their cohort, and have an early international experience in one of the safest countries on the planet.
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LEAP programs offer first-year U students a seamless transition to the university setting. Students enjoy the comfort and support of their small LEAP cohort, and have a dedicated faculty member and peer advisors to assist them during their first year. Each LEAP class includes an introduction to the resources available to help students successfully navigate campus life and their academic pursuits.

Global experience improves intercultural understanding, adaptability, self-awareness, and confidence. Studies show that experiences abroad also

  • raise a student’s GPA,
  • increase success in graduating, and
  • help students stand out to future employers.

All students who enroll in the Global LEAP course in Fall 2023 and who do not have a valid passport will receive funds for covering the costs of getting one.



Jesus Juan-Pacheco

“The Global LEAP program made such a good call by requiring a course before heading to the U Asia Campus. We learned about South Korea's history and prepared for many of the differences in culture, language, and beliefs compared to the U.S.

While the U Asia Campus may be tiny compared to the Salt Lake City campus, the atmosphere here is amazing with such amazing faculty and students. The International Student Diplomats are saviors in helping international students find their way around campus, the city, and overall questions about Korean life.

Global LEAP really attempted to showcase everything about Korea—at least everything they could fit into a semester-length course. It really helped me to not be hit so hard by culture shock and helped me adjust to a Korean lifestyle faster.”


Rebecca Larsen
Dr. Rebecca Larsen

Dr. Rebecca Larsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Rebecca Larsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Lecturer) in Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah, is a political scientist with expertise in comparative politics and international relations.  She enjoys teaching first-year students in a variety of courses in ethics, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences.


Dr. Ahram Park

Dr. Ahram Park, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahram Park is an Assistant Professor Lecturer at the University of Utah, Asia Campus where she teaches courses on global citizenship, social ethics, and culture and society. She earned her doctorate from Columbia University. Prior to joining UAC, she worked for several years as an instructor and instructional designer collaborating with PreK-16 educators to identify and leverage various educational technological tools in the classroom.  She has also taught graduate-level courses around culture, media, and education at Teachers College Columbia University. She is a qualitative ethnographer researcher with over ten years of experience partnering with nonprofit organizations to advocate for issues related to juvenile justice, educational equity, teacher education, and youth wellness. Her broader scholarly interests include citizenship, STEAM learning, participatory and qualitative research, and multimodal literacy practices.


Students participating in the Global LEAP Korea program pay the same tuition at the U Asia Campus in the Spring as they pay on the main campus in the Fall. Non-resident students pay resident tuition for the semester at the U Asia Campus. Even with the added cost of a flight to South Korea, the Spring semester is more affordable than Spring semester on the main campus, given the low cost of housing and food in South Korea.

FALL 2023 (U Main Campus) PROGRAM COSTS

Based on 24 credit hours - 12 each Fall and Spring Semester as listed at the Income Accounting website

TUITION & FEES Resident Non-resident
Tuition & Fees $4,342.93 $13,851.80
ROOM & BOARD Resident Non-resident
Housing & Meals $6,228.00* $6,228.00*

*Review the following website for a complete breakdown of costs


TUITION & FEES Resident Non-resident
Tuition & Fees $5,100 $5,100*
Global LEAP Program Fees $500 $500
International Insurance and Korean National Health Insurance $450.00 $450.00

*Non-resident students pay resident tuition for the semester at the U Asia Campus

ROOM & BOARD Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Housing $1,145 $1,715
OTHER ESTIMATED EXPENSES (All costs below are estimates)
Passport – if student does not already have passport $135
Visa $45
Flight to Korea $1500
In-country Transportation $200
Immunizations/Medical Visit* $735
Books & Supplies $200-500
Meals $2,700
Personal Expenses $1,000
Emergency Fund** $500
Alien Registration Card $27
Korean SIM card $55

*Actual amount will vary based on immunization history
**Recommended funds in the event of unforeseen situations





LEAP application due; earlier application encouraged

Classes begin Monday at Salt Lake City Campus


15th Apply for Passport








University of Utah Asia Campus: Global LEAP Korea application deadline

Deadline to cancel on-campus housing contract with Housing & Residential Education

Students notified of Accepted/Not Accepted status for University of Utah Asia Campus:
Global LEAP Korea application

Global LEAP Pre-Departure Orientation

Deadline to cancel on-campus housing contract with Housing & Residential Education

Utah Asia Campus course registration






Salt Lake City Campus classes end

Move out of campus housing

Arrange January Winter Break pre-travel housing*

*most students will go home for this period






Deadline to cancel on-campus housing contract

Global LEAP Winter Break

Apply for visa in early January

Pack & prepare for travel





Arrive at U Asia Campus

New Student Orientation and International Student Orientation

Classes begin


Fall course registration for Salt Lake City campus

Apply for on-campus housing AY 2024-25


7th U Asia Campus semester ends


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Rick Batchelor

U Asia Campus Learning Abroad Coordinator