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Global U Inventory FAQ

Global U Inventory FAQ

What are the data sources for the Global U Inventory?

Current sources are for the Inventory are:

I am a faculty member and my international activities are not showing. Why?

There are several reasons why your data might not be showing:

  • You can ONLY search by country OR college/department OR faculty last name OR keyword. Ensure that the appropriate radio button is chosen for your search and that the search term is selected or entered in the field.
  • Faculty activities in the Inventory are fed from the FAR and MBM systems. Activities need to be tagged with the international (FAR) or global impact flag (MBM) in your profile, have the appropriate country(ies) selected , and be flagged for public display to appear in the inventory (see screenshot below). To update your FAR profile, click here. To update your MBM profile, click here.
  • Faculty name search must be entered as LAST name (or partial last name) only.
  • Keywords must be entered as a full term or keyword.  For example, entering "chem" will not return results for "chemistry" or "chemical."
  • Updated data can take upwards of 24 hours to be fed into the Inventory from FAR and MBM.
  • If you have updated your data and it has been longer than 24 hours, please contact us.

My name is not listed in results and I have done international work. Why?

If you have not tagged any of your activities with the International flag in FAR or Global Impact flag in MBM, your profile will not be included in the list of faculty-related search results. See the bullet points from the answer above for instructions on how to tag your activities.

Data can take upwards of 24 hours to be reflected in the Inventory results.


Click here for instructions on updating your FAR profile.

MBM (School of Medicine):

Click here for instructions on updating your MBM profile.

What countries are included in the region search results?

The Global U Inventory's regions are based off the United Nations composition of macro geographical (continental) regions, geographical sub-regions, and selected economic and other groupings.

How do I add a new data source into the Inventory?

Please contact Cheri Daily and Dave Howell to discuss how you can integrate your data into the Global U Inventory.

Your data is innacurate. How do I update it?

If the data is for a faculty member, that can be updated by logginging into FAR or MBM systems. If the data is non-faculty related, please contact us with a description of the data and the error.