Humans of the U: Sanila Math

“Growing up in a South Asian household, my parents always placed a big emphasis on education. It was always assumed that I would attend medical school or some equivalent. While I have discovered that my passions do lie in pursuing medicine, my journey in deciding to do so was far different from what I imagined and was shaped by many experiences I had at the U.

During my time as a college student, I’ve been grateful for the supportive environment that allowed me to really dive into my studies and find topics and fields of study that I’m passionate about. In taking science courses, I discovered I really did enjoy medicine, and decided to pursue a pre-med track. But in addition, found that I also wanted to focus on and study human experiences. Learning about how medicine could center and emphasize individuality and discovering how humans navigate institutional systems was a big reason for my decision to pursue a double major in Ethnic Studies and Anthropology.

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