Korean War Stories Told by U Students

Five U Asia Campus communication students are working on recording stories about the Korean War after each of them were selected to receive funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. The funds provide students and faculty members the chance to work collaboratively on projects.

The UAC students’ project, termed “Longbridge,” seeks a connecting link between Koreans and other foreigners that may not have been formed if not for the Korean War. It also seeks to unite generations by disseminating the stories to Internet-connected younger audiences. To receive funding through UROP, each of the applicants generated their own proposals and worked with Paul Rose, director of the UAC Undergraduate Communication Program, through several revisions in the competitive process to receive the highly sought-after funding.

“The bilingual students, UAC international campus and media program uniquely situates the Department of Communication to tackle this important project,” said Rose, who is also the supervisor of the project. “It is also an endeavor made more urgent by an aging population that experienced the Korean War. There are compelling stories that need to be documented and told before they are lost forever.”

Through fall 2015, Jin Ho Choi, Kuno Lee, Si Hyun Park, Sharon Yoo and Dahee Yun — all majoring in communication — will recruit, record, archive and publish stories about the unique personal relationships between Koreans and Americans formed as a result of the Korean War.

“Having five undergraduates receive funding for the same research project through UROP is highly unusual and demonstrates the importance of their project,” said Kent Ono, chair of the communication department.

A forthcoming website, longbridge.org, will be established as the research nears completion. Contact information, project details and archived stories will be available there.