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U leaders experience U Asia Campus

President Taylor Randall visited the University of Utah Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea to identify further development opportunities in the region. He also heard from students about their experience at the international campus. The Nov. 9, visit was Randall’s first to the campus as U president. Randall noted his desire to see the U Asia Campus […]

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University of Utah Games Program Expands to South Korea

With market interest in game-related development and employment on the rise, an increase in the establishment of academic programs related to gaming has followed. The University of Utah has followed this trend by expanding its renowned undergraduate Gaming program from Salt Lake City to its University of Utah Asia Campus in Incheon.  The University of […]

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Master of Communication Program Launches at University of Utah Asia Campus

The University of Utah is excited to announce the launch of a new Master of Communication program at its U Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea. Applications are now open for the professional program, and the first cohort of students is scheduled to begin studying at the extended campus in Fall 2024. The Department of […]

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Global LEAP Growing Strong

In the early days of 2020, the Office for Global Engagement was making final preparations to establish the Global LEAP program—a distinctive, early-career learning abroad opportunity that would enable Freshmen spend their second semester at the University Asia Campus in South Korea. But when the project was blanketed in the uncertainty that became the hallmark […]

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U Gymnastics Thrills South Korea Audience

Twelve members of the University of Utah’s celebrated gymnastics team—the Red Rocks—traveled to Incheon, South Korea this summer. During the unforgettable week-long trip, they led classes with young gymnasts, showcased their skills to the University of Utah Asia Campus and the broader Incheon community, and gained invaluable international experience. “The University of Utah Asia Campus […]

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Utah Asia Campus records the largest-ever attendance at UAC Experience Day

More than 340 people, including 188 prospective students, attended the 12th—and largest–University of Utah Asia Campus UAC Experience Day. The event is designed for middle and high school students to get a preview of life at the University of Utah experience at its campus in Incheon, South Korea. Visitors participated in two 30-minute English-language lectures […]

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U Advisors Meet in South Korea to Better Support Student Transitions

Stephanie Krusell, Emi Ata’ata, Rae Luebbert, and Kathy Rank are all academic advisors at the University of Utah Salt Lake City campus. They work for various departments, but they all had one goal when they visited the University of Utah Asia Campus in Incheon, South Korea this Spring: to work with their counterparts to create […]

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U Asia Campus awards 147 degrees during 5th Commencement

More than 200 students, parents, faculty, and staff attended the fifth annual commencement ceremony of the University of Utah Asia Campus in Songdo, South Korea, on May 25. Additional events honoring the graduating class of 2023 included a professional baseball game and an alumni event. The commencement ceremony began with a virtual address from President […]

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The U’s Gymnastics Team to Take Talents to South Korea

SALT LAKE CITY – The University of Utah gymnastics team is set to embark on a trip to South Korea during Summer of 2023. While abroad, the team will train, participate in exhibitions against Korean teams, and host meet-and-greets with students aspiring to pursue an athletic career at the collegiate level in the United States. […]

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