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A First-Hand Look at the Prosperity U Summer Program

What better way to get a feel for what the Prosperity U Global Summer experience is like than a first-hand account from a student who recently participated in the program. Meet Stephanie Dutson, a master’s student studying International Affairs and Global Enterprise. Hear what Stephanie has to say about her experience and why you should […]

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U offers international experience for high schoolers

Did you know the University of Utah offers a summer high school program in Ghana? The Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity host high school students for four weeks in Ghana and at the University of Oxford through the Ensign Global Leaders program. The program focuses on teaching students about the intersection of business and health, through an integrative, […]

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Engineering Solutions to Africa’s Water Crisis

The Water Center “I have the best job in the world,” says Dr. Scott Benson as he begins to describe his journey from being an environmental engineer, to a medical doctor, to working on the front lines of public health in the developing world. “My work allows me to deal with the whole spectrum of […]

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Continuing Medical Education in Ghana, Africa

The ability to easily access continued higher education is often something that is taken for granted here in the United States. For professionals seeking additional education in their field, or even just a refresher course to re-affirm their skills, it can be as simple as signing up for a course at the nearest university. For […]

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Ebola Prevention in Ghana, Africa

The Division of Public Health of the University of Utah recently wrapped up a conference on leadership and community engagement in Ghana, Africa. The conference was focused on the prevention, and potential containment of Ebola, should the disease spread to the country. Ebola tends to be one of those scary topics that brings with it […]

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PA Program brings changes to Health Care in Ghana

In 2007, Nadia Cobb, PA-C, M.S., began working with Physician Assistants in Ghana to care for rural and underserved populations providing primary care. These PAs see between 80 and 100 patients a day. This is a much-needed service; Ghana has less than one physician for 10,000 people, in a country of 24 million. Cobb learned […]

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